Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Lace Capelet

Channeled my inner vintage goddess and thought it would be so much fun to make my own little capelet wrap today! I've been dying for an excuse to wear my new pin I got at a thrift store in Missouri a couple weeks ago, so I dug out one of my Grandmother's scarves and played around a bit.

First I wrapped the scarf around my back and then crossed the ends over and finished it off with the pin.

I felt fabulous in my caplet and even more so with my new skirt from H&M. The circle effect of the fabric was perfect to add texture and not to mention, add to the vintage ensemble. I think my inner goddess would be proud!


Lisa Fergus said...

Great idea! Love the look!

Melrose said...

very cute addition to any outfit! And I love that skirt, you're so right about the pattern!

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