Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hit List: Tea Party

I was inspired browsing the Internet today by none other than my old American Girl doll, Samantha Parkington. She was seriously the perfect doll for me, vintage, loves pink and flowers, and grew up in the coolest era, the 20's. Once I settled on this, I found so many beautiful pieces out there that were simply perfect. My favorites include the apron from Anthropologie and the dress and shoes from Modcloth. Hope you all like tea, cause your invited to my party this week!

1. Pink Layer Dress- Modcloth $79.99
2. Baking Apron- Anthropologie $32
3. Velvet Floral Shoes- Modcloth $97.99
4. Lace Gloves- Modcloth $19.99
5. Teapot- Ruche $31.99
6. Tea Party Invites- Pinkcreativeinvites on $5

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Fashion Show: Blue Flu

Lately, I've had the blues, fashion blues that is. And what better way to come back to you all by bringing them out in my accessories? I wore this to a friend's wedding a few weeks ago and absolutely loved all the floral details and vintage touches.

Saw this dress and Anthropologie and just died. I had to buy it, a definite Tiffany dress, don't you think? The 3D flowers killed me and I knew I had to find some even killer shoes for this.

The bright blue of these shoes totally caught my eye. They are a great summer shoe, a wedge, with a raffia sole and fun, satin strands that look like a flower. Last but not least, the bag. I had to have a bright bag to match and I loved this envelope clutch.

To top it all off, a necklace combo created by yours truly. I just love mixing a vintage necklace with a brooch. Gives the item a face-lift, huh?! So I may have been a little MIA and had the blues, but I least I turned them into something fabulous!

Dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: DSW
Clutch: sample from work
Necklace: vintage
Brooch: from a jewelry show

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Secret Weapon: Hair Twist

This week's Secret Weapon is all about beating the heat and brought to you live. Enjoy fashionistas!

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