Sunday, September 19, 2010

Month Mag Challenge: School Spirit

This month's mag challenge is brought to you by the September issue of Seventeen! I thought this was appropriate for the time of the year, going back to school, that is. That was always a fond memory of mine, and of course it was! It meant going shopping for a new wardrobe, which always felt like it brought on a new attitude as well. Well, this could not be more true for me now, as I have just gotten a promotion at work and cannot wait to go grab myself some new stuff to wear for it and then to follow, a fresh and new attitude.

Stripes and houndstooth were perfect for this challenge, along with the bright and bold colors. I thought my Roos coordinated well with this, as well as my tapestry Guess bag.

I even brought out the collegiate pin, seriously couldn't pass it up!

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