Friday, September 3, 2010

Hit List: Cutout Cutie

This week's Hit List is all about cutouts. I've seen them all over from shoes, to bags, to apparel, and all other types of accessories. I found some really great peices when I started researching this Hit List. My favorites include the heart cutout dress from Ruche and the origami-esque scarf I found on Etsy. The fun thing about cutouts is that they can be sexy or sweet, which is why I separated in half this Hit List to include a little bit of both. It's fun to show a little skin here and there, no matter what look you're going for!

1. Cutout Shoulder Dress- Forever 21 $27.80
2. Heart Cutout Dress- Ruche $42.99
3. Strappy Cutout Booties- Loeffler Randal on Shopbop $675
4. Brown leather Cutout Heel- Modcloth $39.99
5. Origami Cutout Scarf- Looshinka's Shop on Etsy $35
6. Cutout Clutch- Forever 21 $19.80


Lisa Fergus said...

OMG the back of that dress is darling!!! I think I want it! ;)

Looshinka said...

Beautiful collection! Thanks for including me.

Linzeelu said...

Love these! Love cutouts :)

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