Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hit List: My Edward

This week's Hit List is inspired by the fact that it is now October (holy moly!). I thought it would be fun to create a look for my Edward....Edward Scissorhands that is. This may sound strange, but as a child, I would come home from school and eat tuna sandwiches, peanut butter cookies, and watch this movie with my Mom. Now, this movie kind of scares me a little. Weird, right? Well, as weird or frightening that it may be, I couldn't help but find some amazing pieces here that looked Edward inspired. Since the whole 90's grunge look is coming back, this seemed only natural to include lots of leather, buckles, and a little "rough." My favorites are the buckle boots and the trench. Both very expensive, but seriously cool pieces. And, you can't deny the gloves. Freaking awesome. Anyway, slash on and buckle up this month!!

1. Leather Strap Leggings- Pencey on Shopbop $132
2. Multi-Buckle Trench- Altuzarra on Colette $3650
3. Buckle Boots- Ash Nat on Shopbop $200
4. Slashed Boots- Alaia on My Color Fashion $N/A
5. Nuts and Bolts Cuff- Hot Topic $9.99
6. Edward Gloves- Costume Cauldron $29.95

Daily Fashion Show: Black and White and absolutely no Grey!

Sometimes there really aren't any shades of grey and today is a perfect example, in my fashion show!

I got this tie out of sample bin a work and have only wore it a few times. Decided to bust it out again and paired it with the striped woven shirt.

Then I thought, why not just wear all black and white. Definitely couldn't pass up my 2 colored-legged tights (also a sample from work, but seen as American Apparel). My last touch was bright blue eyeshadow. Had to throw something in there with color!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Jazz Up your Cardigan

I've had this fake fur piece in my closet for quite a while. It's actually from an old cardigan and decided how fun it would be to use it again to create a whole new look! I chose a cardigan, the fur, and my new brooch I got from a jewelry party and pinned them all together!

I loved that it looked totally fall and made the cardigan look expensive. I also got the spoon ring at the jewelry part too. Love that new jewelry can look vintage lately. So fun!

This look can also be done with ribbon, scarves, anything you can basically tie to create a trim around the neck and then pin with a brooch, flower clip, etc. Have fun jazzing up your cardigans this week!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion Target: Featured on Blog

Hey guys! One of my lovely fellow bloggers, Lisa at Stilettos and Diaper Bags, featured me on her blog today as part of her weekly "I want what she has!" I was so honored that she chose me for this and hope you guys check it out! Lisa has a great style, combining her lifestyle and inner coolness of being a mom and a rockstar wife. Thanks again Lisa for featuring me today!

This got me thinking how seriously important it is that each blogger carries their own voice. Lisa talks about combining being a mom, housewife, and serious style queen, while I focus on teaching my readers about re-creating their wardrobe and finding little "secret weapons" (as I call them) to truly learn what you can do to expand your wardrobe. I also deliver trends as well as challenge myself on dressing like the trends I see in fashion editorials. But is this enough?? I would love your feedback on what you like, don't like, and what you would like to see more of. Your opinion matters and I love reading your comments. Let me know what I'm missing and what you'd like to miss because I want to make this blog the best I can for all of you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogger Request: Vintage Neck

Got a request for a close up of my vintage necklace from a post a few days ago (yes, this is for you Melrose!). Absolutely love this necklace, it's vintage (of course), sparkly, ubber girly, and makes me feel fabulous. Isn't that what fashion is for? I'm so glad my Grandmother was so damn fashionable! Thank you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashion Target: Twitter Update

Dear Twitter,

I know I'm behind on the buzz, but I thought it would be fun to join you today. I've been getting a lot of reffering site traffic on my blog from Facebook, and thought I'd give you a whirl. I know you don't have a movie and you're not quite as popular, but I am really rooting for you to win me over here. I hope for a long and prosperous relationship, Twitter, please don't let me down. Talk to you soon!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Cutout Wishes Granted

Remember my Hit List about cutouts? Well, I couldn't stop thinking about the cutout heart dress from out of my head, so I caved, and bought it for myself!

I love the "prairie" floral print. The colors go perfectly with my mint-colored flower from Claire's. I felt super girly in this ensemble, and was even able to throw in a little vintage detail with my gold blue topaz necklace from my Grandmother's collection.

Also pulled out the boots too, since the weather is turning to fall...finally! And, got out the leggings, too. Love the swirl and floral print on them. Gives them a little kick.

Finishing touch was the belt. Loved the braided detail on the side and loved even more that I could knot it in the front. Definitely have been admiring this from Julie!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hit List: Laced Out

This week, I was inspired by something a bit different...being totally laced out. Now, don't take this the wrong way, I'm talking about laced up (and out) detailing! I saw it on apparel, footwear, and numerous other categories of accessories, but favored the belts as they gave a vintage nod to corsets. How those women back in the day ever wore the real ones will forever boggle my mind, but the modern, updated versions of today are totally chic. Another favorite of mine was the lace up heels from Modcloth. Definitely had a Ann Demeulmeester feel eh? Enjoy this week's hit list and don't worry if you find yourself getting a little laced out too!

1. Lace Up Pants- Bird by Juicy Couture on Shopbop $328
2. Lace Up Tee- Barlow on Shopbop $176
3. Lace Heels- Modcloth $119.99
4. Lace Up Boots- Anthropologie $288
5. Lace Up Stretch Belt- $18
6. Corset Belt- $18.54

Daily Fashion Show: Anthro Spree #4

Couldn't wait to post up my latest Anthropologie top on here for you guys. The frame print totally caught my eye and paired it with my gold frame necklace (this was actually accidental as it used to have a charm in it).

I also busted out my velvet mary janes. Oh, how I love fall!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was filled with friends, family, and a much needed date night with the bf.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Month Mag Challenge: School Spirit

This month's mag challenge is brought to you by the September issue of Seventeen! I thought this was appropriate for the time of the year, going back to school, that is. That was always a fond memory of mine, and of course it was! It meant going shopping for a new wardrobe, which always felt like it brought on a new attitude as well. Well, this could not be more true for me now, as I have just gotten a promotion at work and cannot wait to go grab myself some new stuff to wear for it and then to follow, a fresh and new attitude.

Stripes and houndstooth were perfect for this challenge, along with the bright and bold colors. I thought my Roos coordinated well with this, as well as my tapestry Guess bag.

I even brought out the collegiate pin, seriously couldn't pass it up!

Fashion Target: Featured on Website!

My Night Time Challenge board was featured on What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?!!! Please go vote for my board and thanks for your support!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Double Trouble

Double the print, double the fun....or trouble that is! Decided to challenge myself again by mixing prints. This one is slightly different though, as the prints are actually the same, just in different colors, materials, and pieces.

I thought it wouldn't be too crazy to wear the same print on my legs and arms since the tights are virtually the same color as my dress.

My old closet at home was actually the perfect place to pictures today. Somehow the emptiness filled up the picture with character and quirkiness. Oh, how I miss having my own closet!!!

Oh and the pink walls. Miss them too. Double pink was totally double FUN!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Lace Capelet

Channeled my inner vintage goddess and thought it would be so much fun to make my own little capelet wrap today! I've been dying for an excuse to wear my new pin I got at a thrift store in Missouri a couple weeks ago, so I dug out one of my Grandmother's scarves and played around a bit.

First I wrapped the scarf around my back and then crossed the ends over and finished it off with the pin.

I felt fabulous in my caplet and even more so with my new skirt from H&M. The circle effect of the fabric was perfect to add texture and not to mention, add to the vintage ensemble. I think my inner goddess would be proud!

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