Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Call of the Wild

Felt a little funky today and re-invented one of my dresses into a skirt. I folded up the leopard print tee from Forever 21 and hid the seam with a wide, orange leather belt from The Gap. I thought the bold orange and purple looked great against the leopard print. To tie it all together, I wore two vintage necklaces with orange, gold, purple, and even green beads. It's not all crazy though, my hair was tamed straight today due to colder weather outside and a little more free-time on my hands!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Bowling Babe

This past weekend was my brother-in-law's 30th birthday and we spent it by bowling it up at Southport Lanes downtown. The cool thing about this place is that they have actual pin-setters or "pin boys" to set up the pins for you, score cards you have to keep track of (thankfully we had someone in our party who knew how to do that), and a great atmosphere filled with drinks and food. Another fun detail....if you tip the pin boys by putting money in the ball, your score magically improves! Totally a win-win for someone who really can't bowl over a 60.

I partied it up in my new matchstick jeans from JCrew (love them) and jersey blazer from The Gap. The great thing about this blazer is that it can be dressed up for work or worn as casual with jeans. Plus, it is super lightweight so it's great for the warmer weather we all hope will be coming to Chicago soon.

Don't you just love my bowling shoes? Totally didn't plan it, but they kind of match :)

Overall, it was a great night buy sadly, even with my tips to the pin boys, I was only able to manage bowling a 70. But hey, at least I looked cute doing it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lunch, anyone?

This Easter, my sister got me the cutest little gift, a lunch bag! I had been wanting one for awhile now, since I do take my lunch to work 4 out of 5 days of the week. What's great about it is it's insulated and totally washable. So now, I'm not only being eco-responsible by bringing my lunch in a reusable bag, but I also look cute doing it!

Bag purchased on Etsy. The store is so cute! They not only carry lunch bags, but sandwich bags, coasters, and even cute cleaning gloves. Items are great way to spice up the ordinary, and fashionably doing so!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Turtle, Turtle

Decided to braid it up again this Friday, this time, with a crown of braids wrapped around my head. My crazy curls looked perfect against the paisley/flower design of my Anthropologie shirt, borrowed from my sister.

The twig background mirrored my curls and I thought the sky looked pretty, considering it's still a bit chilly outside.

Got a new pair of flats this week that are actually quite comfortable. The leather daisy detail was so sweet, I just couldn't resist.

Got another critter ring for you this week....it's a turtle! I loved how sparkly it was and every time I looked at it, it reminded me of my niece bobbing her head up and down like a turtle, turtle!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sequins and Chains

Decided to be springy again, mostly due to the weather, but also in part that I get to wear bright, fun skirts like this one again! I love the sequin detail on the waistline, it always makes me fell extra girly and sparkly. And my blue floral top was a great pairing for this color scheme.

Got a little funky in the back and added a black and white striped tank from Urban Outfitters. My sister said it looked like my spine...sweet!

Got this necklace from my friend Lisa, jewelry designer for Marie Marie Jewelry. It is a 3-clasp necklace that is so verstile in the way you wear it. I made a little collage of a couple ways to wear it: as long neck, swag chain, wrapped around, and worn as a bracelet. Can't wait to experiment with more ways.

Saved the best way to wear the 3-clasp for last....as a belly chain/belt!! Hehe...so much fun!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Braids, Butterflies, and Blues...Oh My!

Felt very earthy today in my blues today. Tank and cardigan are old, but the newest addition to my wardrobe is my new perfect boot 1969 jeans from The Gap and man, they are so perfect. Already worn them to a movie last weekend and a full day of work today and they are still hugging my curves. I can't believe I have finally found jeans that not only look cute, but also don't make me look like I have a saggy bottom.

Decided it would be fun to wear a big, chunky braid to go along with the earthy feel of my ensemble. The only issue was that I have so many layers in my hair...thank God for bobbypins!

My extra large butterfly ring, bought at friend's jewelry/purse party a couple of weeks ago, was the perfect accessory to tie this look together. The sparkles on the wings made me feel so girly :)

Last but not least, wore my Birkenstock's for the first time this year as it was in the 70's today. Wee! Hope this weather continues until summer....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full of Glee

A couple of weeks ago, my sister decided to use her creativity and style and start her own Etsy shop full of jewelry she designed and hand-made. She has about about 10 pieces now, all named after people and things that make her happy (or glee). The best part about it is that she personifies each piece in describing their details. Even the colors and patterns of the hand-made beads bring each character described to life. I especially love the one designed after our mother, in what other color scheme but her favorite, blue. Full of Glee is such a fun site to browse, not just to learn about the wonderful (and gleeful) people in her life, but also to bring glee to your ensemble!

From Full of Glee:

Mary: Strong while facing the unimaginable, yet always young at heart, Mary fills one's life with glee.
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