Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Jazz Up your Cardigan

I've had this fake fur piece in my closet for quite a while. It's actually from an old cardigan and decided how fun it would be to use it again to create a whole new look! I chose a cardigan, the fur, and my new brooch I got from a jewelry party and pinned them all together!

I loved that it looked totally fall and made the cardigan look expensive. I also got the spoon ring at the jewelry part too. Love that new jewelry can look vintage lately. So fun!

This look can also be done with ribbon, scarves, anything you can basically tie to create a trim around the neck and then pin with a brooch, flower clip, etc. Have fun jazzing up your cardigans this week!


Lisa Fergus said...

Cute idea! But i'm really loving your hair up in a pony! You look great!

Ashley J said...

Super cool!!! I love this tutorial!!

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