Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Horsies on Tuesday

My outfit today is all about mixing and matching. Whether it is materials, fabrications, or just an overall attitude, I felt the urge to mix it up today.

Bought this skirt awhile ago from Urban and haven't managed to blog about it until now. I absolutely fell in love with the horse motif. It is so kitchy, yet chic. I paired it with a soft, fleece-like lace trimmed top (also from Urban) and gray tights from Target.

The pyramid-studded headband gave this outfit an edge.

Also displaying a few Christmas gifts, new nailpolish: Jade, by Chanel and Fossil watch. I love the hard plastic band against the shiny rhinestoned face.

Last mix: my background. Like the two-toned effect of my bedroom? It's a baby pink girly and hot pink punk.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Beads and Baubles

I've been getting into really beaded hairgoods lately and decided instead of paying a fortune for extremely faceted beaded headwraps and seed-beaded headbands, I decided to use my Grandmother's necklaces as headpeices.

This purple one is a multi-row necklace that I twisted together and pinned in my hair with a million bobbypins. I felt very glamorous all day as if I had a crown on.

I paired this was a deep purple cardigan from The Gap and a lace top from Delia's to give it an extra feminine feel to the overall outfit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays

As the countdown is quickly dwindling down to Christmas, I thought I'd spread the happiness with a couple of pictures in front of my mantle. What better way to do it in a new, cute top?!
Got this shirt at Urban Outfitters and absolutely fell in love with the sweetheart neckline. It's slightly sweet, slightly sexy, and even long enough to wear with leggings! Hope you all have a great holiday filled with family, laughter, and present :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Emma Pillsbury: Fashionista

Since Fall TV has started, I eagerly wait for Wednesday so I can tune into Glee:) Not only does this show make my high school music-geek heart warm, but I have absolutely fallen in love with Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe. Her vintage accessories and color pallet are perfect. I even love how her wardrobe offers trends such as military jackets and statement necks, but done in a vintage way with embroidered appliques and brooches. In the episode when she tried on her wedding dress and sang "I Could've Danced All Night," I fell in love with her beaded headwrap that looked very Jennifer Behr inspired. The bright pops of color are a breath of fresh air and make me want to buy a bunch of party cardies immediately. And the sweater clips!!! I'm simply waiting for some time to make one with my old clip in earrings, since they are impossible to find. All in all, Emma Pillsbury has become my newest fashion icon and I can't wait until episodes start up again in January.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sultry Sequins

A couple of weeks ago, I was at my boyfriend's house and his mom was going through things in the attic in preparation for Christmas decorating. She pulled out old cookware, baby things, and a bag of vintage clothing :) Most of the items didn't fit (gotta love those curves) but I couldn't believe when she pulled out this sequin top. I was thrilled, and I'm not sure that she understood why as it was really old and slightly stained. I finally was able to pull it together in an outfit today and wore it as a vest.

As if the sequins weren't enough, I added a few rhinestone encrusted clip-on earring on the neckline.

Sequin Top:Vintage
T-shirt: Express
Tank: JCrew
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft

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