Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Cutout Wishes Granted

Remember my Hit List about cutouts? Well, I couldn't stop thinking about the cutout heart dress from out of my head, so I caved, and bought it for myself!

I love the "prairie" floral print. The colors go perfectly with my mint-colored flower from Claire's. I felt super girly in this ensemble, and was even able to throw in a little vintage detail with my gold blue topaz necklace from my Grandmother's collection.

Also pulled out the boots too, since the weather is turning to fall...finally! And, got out the leggings, too. Love the swirl and floral print on them. Gives them a little kick.

Finishing touch was the belt. Loved the braided detail on the side and loved even more that I could knot it in the front. Definitely have been admiring this from Julie!


Lisa Fergus said...

OMG you got the dress!!! I am so jealous!!! I LOVE it!!

Melrose said...

love the dress! and I'd love a close-up on the vintage necklace too!

Crystal said...

I wish I had a cut-out dress! Maybe in the shape of a star... you look super cute!

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