Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hit List: Connect the Dots

Seriously fell in love with all of the polka dots I've been seeing lately. Not only are they feminine and cute, they are bright and fun too! I loved the brights in the green Miu Miu skirt and the quirky polka dot flats from Marni. The classic dots I found were done in fun and new ways. The Doc Martens are my absolute favorite here. So even though things may not always be clear, you can connect the dots through your style and look fab too!

1. Flouncy Dot Dress- Modcloth $97.99
2. Green Dot Skirt- Miu Miu $640
3. Large Dot Shoes- Marni $500
4. Polka Dot Boots- Dr. Martens $150
5. Blue Dot Handbag- Juicy Couture $198
6. Enamel Dot Ring- Marc by Marc Jacobs $78

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly Secret Weapon: Straightening the Madness

It is very seldom that I straighten my hair these days, so when I do, I typically have people ask me how I can get it so straight. The first thing I tell them is time, but I decided to share with you all the other tips and skills I use to straighten the madness of curls I have.

Step 1: Tools. I use an ionic hairdryer and straightener, clips, paddle brush, and macadamia oil. The oil is especially key. You can also use Moroccan oil, depending on what your beauty supplier carries. For me, they do the same thing.

Step 2: blow dry. This is what I look like when I blow dry my hair. Crazy right?? I don't really do much when I dry it, just use my fingers and try to get it dry as fast as I can.

Step 3: Clip up your hair in sections. I use little claw clips, but hairdresser clips work well too.

Step 4: Bring on the oil. I pour mine on a plate so I can get it my my fingers easily and onto my hair. Only use the oil on the tips of your hair and always in small sections in order to saturate it.

The boy thinks I look like a monkey when I do this. Kind of do, huh?

Step 5: Straighten in small sections as well. This gets your hair the straightest. I think it's because of the heat in such a small surface area.

Wee, almost done!

And finished. It's pretty easy, just takes some time. So when I do end up straightening my hair, I use dry shampoo for a couple days afterward in order to get the most out of it. That way I can enjoy my silky locks a lot longer. So, all you curly girls out there, you don't have to wait to get a blow out at the salon, you can do it yourself!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daily Fashion Show: Red Lady

Felt super sassy today in with my skinny pants, scarf, curly q's and red lips. I'm really starting to like this red lipstick. I was always kind of scared of lipstick and I was constantly checking if I had it on my face or teeth, but I think the more I wear it, the better I'll feel.

I've been seeing a lot more scarves lately tied up like bows or flowers, so I thought I'd give it whirl, in my own way of course. Nothing really seems to match this scarf, so I decided to clash it was a navy silk top and my red lips to tie it all together.

I love skinny belts lately. They are great with dresses and especially for cinching in your waist like I've done here. The best part about it, is that it matched my shoes perfectly. Wee! Love when that happens.

For some reason, my hair was ultra-curly today. It's strange, I do my hair the same everyday. Some days it looks like garbage, and others it looks amazing. Weird. I blame it on the weather....hope you all had a FAB weekend, I know I'm totally ready for April!

Top: New York & Co.
Pants: Loft
Belt: sample from work
Shoes: Libby Eldeman
Scarf: really old, not sure it's origin
Lipstick: Wonder Woman by MAC
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