Monday, September 20, 2010

Hit List: Laced Out

This week, I was inspired by something a bit different...being totally laced out. Now, don't take this the wrong way, I'm talking about laced up (and out) detailing! I saw it on apparel, footwear, and numerous other categories of accessories, but favored the belts as they gave a vintage nod to corsets. How those women back in the day ever wore the real ones will forever boggle my mind, but the modern, updated versions of today are totally chic. Another favorite of mine was the lace up heels from Modcloth. Definitely had a Ann Demeulmeester feel eh? Enjoy this week's hit list and don't worry if you find yourself getting a little laced out too!

1. Lace Up Pants- Bird by Juicy Couture on Shopbop $328
2. Lace Up Tee- Barlow on Shopbop $176
3. Lace Heels- Modcloth $119.99
4. Lace Up Boots- Anthropologie $288
5. Lace Up Stretch Belt- $18
6. Corset Belt- $18.54

1 comment:

Lisa Fergus said...

LOVING the back of that shirt. Of course it's almost $200!!! haa

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