Monday, January 31, 2011

Spotted: Disneyland Hong Kong

Ok, so I know this isn't fashion related, but I wanted to show you all one of the most special moments I've had in 2011. It is my dream to go all of the Disney parks around the world. Now, I already have California and Florida under my belt, but anything out of the U.S. really just seemed like a dream to me. On my buy trip to Hong Kong this year, part of my dream became a reality and I got to go to Disneyland Hong Kong! Hope you all enjoy the pictures and memories that I will carry with me forever in my heart :)

Waiting to board the Disney train. Next stop...the happiest place in HK!

Here comes the train! Mickey shaped windows and all!

They even had Mickey shaped hand holders for the train. Oh Disney, you are just too special!

Me and Ashley in front of one of the windows. Wee, so excited!

We finally made it! So excited here. I think I started skipping with one of my co-workers.

Couldn't go to the park without a picture in front of the flower Mickey!

Oh Walt, you even look beautiful in Chinese!

The castle from the view from Mainstreet HK!

Me and the Jungle Cruise director!

Ashley and I on the Jungle Cruise. She taped the whole thing...bad jokes and all!

Carol and I on Space Mountain. She was so scared!

Me and Buzz. You know I couldn't go to Disney without imitating something!

Yummy, Chinese Mickey shaped Icecream. Tasted the same :)

You can tell I liked it....

So happy to be in Tomorrowland!

The beautiful castle at night time!

Beautiful fireworks. I cried I was so happy to be there and see them!

Oh good bye Disney. You were amazing and I am so glad to have seen you! Now I only have 2 more, Tokyo and France. Here I come!

Mickey hangover!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hit List: Geometry Lesson

This may be my most expensive Hit List yet, but I'm thinking it's the best! Out browsing this week, couldn't help but to see all of the geometric and colorblocking going on in apparel and accessories (totally reminds me of Marc Jacobs last year). My eye immediately went to the Herve Leger dress and the giant triangle necklace from Modcloth. These are some seriously cool pieces and I hope you love them just as much as I do! The best part about them is that they totally scream summer. Woo hoo--only 5 months away!

1. Triangle Tube Dress- Herve Leger $1,950
2. Multi-colored Dress- Modcloth $109.99
3. Triangle Necklace- Modcloth $99.99
4. Geometric Cuff- Disaya $224
5. Geometric Tights- Gargyle $50
6. Colorblock Stillettos- Versace $1,255

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Fashion Show: Fish and Fashion

Today's fashion show is brought to you by none other than my new little friend, Gemo (the gem Nemo). I bought him in my travels to Hong Kong and seriously fell in love with his bright colors and sparkly gems. It's such a fun and unique piece, I just couldn't pass it up.

I also sported my new cardigan from Anthro I got after Christmas. I love the wool piecing of the flower and the cinched in waist. And, the colors are so rich!

Here's a close up of Gemo, isn't he so beautiful? His fins move too!

Worn today with shorts and work boots, it seemed to balance out the girlyness I had going on in my cardigan and necklace.

Cardigan: Anthropologie
Shorts: H&M
Tights: For Love
Necklace: boutique in Hong Kong
Boots: Claire's

Monday, January 24, 2011

Spotted: Hong Kong Street Trends

Thought I'd show you all some of the crazy/fun things I found shopping in Hong Kong. There really is 1 basic theme here, outrageous!

Serously every corner I turned I saw fur. These furry sneakers are seriously bizarre, but made total sense amongst all the other fur. There were fur belts, jewelry, legwarmers, and of course fur on all clothing.

These were the craziest shoes of all. I mean, why not stick on bubbles and various plastic animals?

Last but least is puffy nylon. I saw it on jackets, boots, sneakers, and legwarmers. There were even puffy lettered things! I saw jackets and totes.

Some things should stay in Hong Kong, but other things, I can't wait to see in a few months!

Friday, January 21, 2011

And the Winner Is....

From last week's giveaway, the winner is Ashley! Thank you to all who participated and are now following Fashion Ammo. You are definitely appreciated! Stay fashionable!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daily Fashion Show: Feathered Friend

Got the most amazing accessory, a fun and feathered shrug! This piece automatically dresses up an outfit and is fun enough for work but super sleek for dress up. I thought it went well with my navy blue satin top and flirty striped skirt today.

This shrug could also be used with T-shirts to give a bit of edge. I'll definitely have to try that next time for you guys.

To top it off, I wore a beaded and jeweled head wrap. I mean seriously, why not have more glam?

Top: New York & Company
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: Target
Shoes: Madden
Shrug: Claire's
Headwrap: Sample from work

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hit List: Coral Floral

Ok guys, I'm in the mood for Spring! While browsing the Internet this week, I fell in love with all of the floral prints and accessories out there. Favorites here are hands down the trench (freaking gorgeous!!!), the watch (again, gorgeous and unexpected) and the bright and fun Ray Bans. Makes you just want to travel somewhere warm and be able to wear all of these lovely pieces huh? Perhaps I'll plan a vacation now....

1. Flower Ruffle Top- Anthropolgie $98
2. Flower Trench- Lanvin $1,985
3. Floral Satchel- Modcloth $99.99
4. Flower Straw Clutch- Mar Y Gigi $68
5. Orange and White Sunglasses- Ray Ban $145
6. Flower Crystal Watch- Badgley Mischka $250

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Secret Weapon: Dress Up a Tee

This week's Secret Weapon is all about dressing up a t-shirt! One of my favorite things to do is wear a t-shirt to work, especially if I can make it look professional.

The best way to do this is pairing it with a full skirt. This offers a great silhouette, as well as making business casual a little more fun.

You can also wear a t-shirt with a blazer and skirt or pants. This also dresses it up while still being flirty.

Last, make sure you tee is fun! Mine has a great message and actually helped lighten the mood of a meeting. Just what I you lovely readers of's a hug!

Shirt: Delia's
Skirt: from a clothing swap
Belt: vintage
Tights: For Love
Shoes: Blowish
Necklace: Francesca's Collection

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spotted: Giveaway from

Hello all! It's time for my very first giveaway on Fashion Ammo! I was approached by, a site that has over 200 stores and carries an array of products, such as Delsey Luggage, for a $35 gift card for one of my lovely readers. You can literally find anything on here: home furnishings and decorations, jewelry and accessories, cooking essentials, books, the list goes on and on. Here are some of the fabulous things you can get on here!

Samanta Boots $195

There are two simple rules. Be a follower of my blog and comment on this post. The rest is up to fate! I will choose the winner on Jan. 21st!
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