Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogger Request: Vintage Neck

Got a request for a close up of my vintage necklace from a post a few days ago (yes, this is for you Melrose!). Absolutely love this necklace, it's vintage (of course), sparkly, ubber girly, and makes me feel fabulous. Isn't that what fashion is for? I'm so glad my Grandmother was so damn fashionable! Thank you!


Melrose said...

haha thank you!
this piece is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Did your grandmother have amazing taste or what? It's a statement yet incredibly delicate at the same time! I would love something similar to this! <3

Lisa Fergus said...

It's a beautiful piece!!! Yes, you are super lucky you grandma was so fashionable and that you got a lot of her old pieces. I don't have any passed down jewelry from either of my passed grandma's. I'm jealous!

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