Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Fashion Show: Garden Girl

True to my roots, I love wearing floral-printed anything. Seriously love this dress, it's so light and airy, perfect for if the weather decides to warm up on a regular basis!

This belt is the perfect touch. I love the little bow applique on the front and that is made of straw. It's both girlie and fun, exactly like me!

Love our newly painted banister on our balcony? Haha, they missed some spots :)

Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt: Claire's Accessories
Shoes: Libby Eldeman
Earrings: vintage

1 comment:

Playing Hooksies said...

You and me both, lasy! The only problem is that now I also have floral print shoes, so i cant wear both the dress/top and the shoes together! haha

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