Friday, May 27, 2011

Hit List: Summer Aztec

Been seeing a lot of Aztec prints lately and had to put together a little story for all of you fashionistas! I simply loved all of the bright colors and prints, it just screams summer! And since it's nearly summer, it just got me in the mood. Favorites here include the printed maxi dress, beaded floral necklace, and the kooky flamingo tote. How funny, eh? Here's to wishful thinking that summer will arrive, both in weather and in our wardrobes.

1. Printed Maxi Dress- ONE by Charlie Jade on Shopbop $174
2. Teal Maxi Dress- Tibi on Shopbop $748
3. Flower Beaded Necklace- Juliet and Company on Shopbop $106
4. Teal Beaded Earrings- Suzanna Dai Jaipur on Max & Chloe- $175
5. Striped Straw Hat- Juicy Couture at Nordstroms $78
6. Flamingo Tote- Kate Spade at Nordstroms- $275

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