Friday, May 20, 2011

Hit List: Bird is the Word

Bird, bird, bird....bird is the word, that is, of course, when it comes to fashion! This week, I found countless, gorgeous pieces--all with some sort of a bird print or motif. I absolutely love every piece on this list, but my favorites are the maxi skirt that has a sort of inkblot bird print, the feather hair extensions, and the Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. I acutally almost bought this bag months ago and still wonder why I haven't?! It's simply divine! So fashionistas, don't hold back with fashion this week, be free as a bird!

1. Inkblot Bird Maxi Skirt- A.L.C on Shopbop $693
2. Bird Watcher Skirt- Modcloth $99.99
3. Bird Claw Cuff- Pamela Love on Shopbop $880
4. Feather Hair Extensions- $19.99
5. Bird Handbag- Marc by Marc Jacobs on net-a-porter $430
6. Sheer Bird Scarf- Modcloth $15.99
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