Friday, May 6, 2011

Hit List: Fairest of Them All

As an ultra-girlie girl, I often ask myself, who doesn't want to be fairy princess? While scouring the internet this week, I stumbled across many beautiful pieces that screamed with the theme of a fairy princess. The question is, what is fairest of them all? My favorite pieces here are the ruffle dress from Modcloth, the crystal ring also from Modcloth, and the Valentino floral shoes from Neiman Marcus. Any of these would be cause for a royal holiday...even if it is just your own.

1. Butterfly Shoulder Dress- Van Mildert £63
2. Fairy Ruffle Dress- Modcloth $199.99
3. Rhinestone Headress- Dauphines of New York $130
4. Crystal Rock Ring- Modcloth $23.99
5. Dainty Floral Heels- Valentino at Neiman Marcus $1250
6. Sparkle Wedges- Alice + Olivia $345

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