Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hit List: What a Softy

What a breath of fresh, that is. Up and down the mall and Internet I've seen nothing but soft pales and floral prints. My favorite part of this trend is all of the flower embellishments, especially on the shoes. Seriously, how could an ultra-girl like me not? So this Spring season, don't be afraid to be softy!

1. Floral Dress- Ruche $52.99
2. Flower Cluster Dress- Ruche $44.99
3. Flower Handbag- Valentino on net-a-porter $2150
4. Floral Socks- Ruche $11.99
5. Flower Stilettos- Giuseppe Zanotti on Shopbop $750
6. Floral Saddle Shoes- Free People $109

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