Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Fashion Show: Pretty Hippie

Today I did hippie my way, with vintage-inspired colors, an adorable flower clip, flares, and cowboy-esque booties.

I was never really one for muted browns and oranges, so why not spice it up with seafoam green? It's springy and refreshing! And what's even better is that I found a clip to match. I also sported a few vintage jewelry pieces to give me some sparkle.

I've always really loved flared jeans and am super pumped they are coming back. They just make your legs look great and aren't as limiting like skinny jeans. I also really like the cowboy boot look, but these booties really are great and a subtle way to wear this trend.

Last, I wore this amazing top as a crop today. It has an elastic band waist so you can pull it up or down depending on how you want to wear it. I thought it was a great way to get into that 70's look while still staying true to my vintage girl roots.

Top: vintage
Jeans: The Gap
Booties: Blowfish
Flower: Claire's
Jewelry: vintage


Emily said...

CUTE!!! I love the jeans :)

Claire said...

love the flower in the hair. i totally agree with you on flared jeans. i'm petite so i love to be able to wear tall shoes with long flared jeans! the minty green is a great color on you. you look great!

Lisa Fergus said...

This color looks amazing with your hair and skin! LOVE this look! you look beautiful Tiffany!!

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