Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hit List: Picnic Princess

Since it's nearly spring and the weather has started to warm, I was able to run outside once this week. We have a trail by our house that I decided to check out. While running in the woods, I found an amazing spot, perfect for a picnic. And this got me thinking....so, I started scouring the Internet for things you could wear to a picnic and look absolutely perfect! Favorites here include the eyelet shorts and gingham ant socks from Modcloth. But you can't have a picnic without a basket! This one is equipped with everything for two, even wine glasses! So, you all know what I'll be doing once the mud starts to harden and the trees are budding....see you out there looking like a picnic princess!

1. Polka Dot Dress- Modcloth $52.99
2. Eyelet Shorts- Modcloth $59.99
3. Floral Wedges- Jellypop at DSW $39.95
4. Gingham Ant Socks- Modcloth $6.99
5. Picnic Basket for Two- Picnicfun.com $53.95
6. Floppy Straw Hat- Ninewest $36

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