Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Style Icon, My Mom

Since today marks the 3 year anniversary of my mother's passing, I decided to celebrate her and show the world just how fashionable of a gal she was. I found images from 1965-1988, the best years of her fashion life.

Love the cat eye glasses, above ankle socks, and pointy MJ's.

Totally geek chic here. Not to mention an adorable bob with side-sweep bangs!

Hippie hair and high-waisted pants. Totally 70's!

Wings and red pants, the perfect combo. Go Mom!

Posing at Disney, no wonder where I got it from.

Nylon shorts and a boobalicious tank.

Two words, blonde bombshell!

Another pose at Disney and this time, with a romper!


Kimmie said...

Love you and Aunt Mary!
Oh and your blog!

K*Rock said...

how cool! i love her style! and the farah fawcett hair in the 2nd to last pic!

Lisa Fergus said...

How amazing that you got her great style! And I love that she's rocking fawcett hair and wearing rompers!!! What a great way to be a fashionista! ;)
love you Tiff!

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