Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spotted: Travel Essentials

I was inspired today while packing for my trip and decided to show off a few of my new goodies for going overseas. Though I've only been once, I definitely know what I like and don't like and feel the need to share with you all some secrets for travel.

Number 1: A passport holder/wallet. Last time I went, I had a much smaller version that was literally the size of my passport and I then had to carry a separate wallet for cash and receipts. This beauty below is much larger, long enough to fit all your cash, and even your tickets! It's pretty sweet and one of my favorite gifts from Christmas. Plus, it's cute!

Number 2: This is new for me, but if I've learned anything from celebrity news, they totally recommend this Evian spray for after your flight. I've tested it, of course only in my apartment, but it seems like it will be very refreshing. I will let you all know!

Number 3: Who likes using pillows and blankets that have been used by thousands? Instead, bring your own! I also received this as a gift. It's a pillow (that inflates) and has a blanket and eye mask that neatly fit inside. Sweet eh?

Number 4: A large and adorable carry-on bag. This tote is huge! I've actually used this solely on it's own for a three-day weekend trip. It fit my clothes, toiletries, and things to do on the plane!

Number 5: Comfy and stylish clothing. Sitting (or sleeping) on a plane for 14 hours plus means you need to be comfy. I love these yoga pants from Victoria's Secret and seriously live in them on most weekends. So, of course I will be wearing these on my flight!

That's all. Once I go again, I'm sure I will have many more secrets of packing and traveling to share for future trips to come!

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Lisa Fergus said...

What fun items! Great passport holder and loving that travel pillow and blanket. I always feel weird laying on their pillows!

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