Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hit List: Day at the Races

This week's Hit List is one of my favorite's in quite some time. I was inspired by the carousel printed dress from Modcloth and the more I scoured the Internet, the more I fell in love with all of the horse-themed accessories and apparel I found. There is something so sweet about the carousel icon that simply made my heart melt. I also loved the award ribbon necklace from Anthropologie. Though it is steep, this truly would be a wonderful prize, don't you think?

1. Carousel Dress- Modcloth $74.99
2. Yellow Riding Skirt- Anthropologie $78
3. Saddle Shoe- Modcloth $59.99
4. Bow Leather Gloves- Modcloth $64.99
5. Award Winning Necklace- Anthropologie $348
6. Carousel Necklace- Ruche $38.99

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