Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hit List: Minty Fresh

Here's a fresh way to start off the new year, grab a mint (or something minty!). I couldn't help but see tons of mint-hued clothing and accessories as I was browsing the internet and seriously fell in love. This color is so fresh, literally, and goes great with neutrals. Favorites here are the dress from Modcloth and crazy shoes on Endless. Both have a lot of character and are super quirky, just like me! Hope you all had a great New Year and all have a fresh outlook on 2011!

1. Lace Layered Skirt- Modcloth $49.99
2. Flower Shoulder Dress- Modcloth $84.99
3. Shell Flower Necklace- Anthropologie $38.00
4. Teal Bauble Earrings- Juicy Couture on Zappos $48.00
5. Wacky Heels- Irregular Choice $N/A
6. Flower Heels- Butter on Endless $330

1 comment:

K*Rock said...

oooo loving #6!! totally need those, ha!


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