Monday, January 24, 2011

Spotted: Hong Kong Street Trends

Thought I'd show you all some of the crazy/fun things I found shopping in Hong Kong. There really is 1 basic theme here, outrageous!

Serously every corner I turned I saw fur. These furry sneakers are seriously bizarre, but made total sense amongst all the other fur. There were fur belts, jewelry, legwarmers, and of course fur on all clothing.

These were the craziest shoes of all. I mean, why not stick on bubbles and various plastic animals?

Last but least is puffy nylon. I saw it on jackets, boots, sneakers, and legwarmers. There were even puffy lettered things! I saw jackets and totes.

Some things should stay in Hong Kong, but other things, I can't wait to see in a few months!

1 comment:

Lisa Fergus said...

Those shoes are crazy!!! I've seen furry boots, but furry shoes!

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