Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Running Essentials

Since this week officially marks my first week of training for the half-marathon, I thought I share with you my running essentials and tips for looking cute when hitting the trails.

1. Be comfortable. My favorite tops to run are sports bra tanks because they are close to the skin and soak up sweat with Cool Max fabric. Also, they cling to your curves if you've got em for easy movement.

2. Keep Track. I wear a running watch that has a GPS in it so it can not only time me during my run, but calculate my speed and mileage. It even has a mile alarm so I know how far I've got to go.

3. No Fuss. Or frizz for that matter. Whenever I run, I always wear my sport foam wrap to keep the frizz and sweat from bothering me. Bright colors and prints can be found at Claire's!

4. Look Cute. I got this pink running skirt last year when Chris and I did the Skirt Chaser 5K. It has built in underwear and keeps you light and airy on your run. Plus, you look super cute!

5. Personalize. I bought these cute, pink laces for my running shoes. Not only are they my favorite color, but they also never come undone or need to be tied. Bought them at a running store in town.

Hope I inspired you all to get out and hit the trails while looking hot! Wish me luck in the next weeks to come!

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Lisa Fergus said...

Great tips! Good luck with training!! I can't wait until I can really work out again. For now I'll stick to my bike riding (for a few more weeks anyway, then it's a no no!) and walking. I'll make sure I update my work out outfits after though. You have inspired me!

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