Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hit List: Spot of Tea

My most favorite new motif that has been coming through is the teacup. It's girly and vintage and what's better than that combo? It's also a nod to England and all that's fashionable. So go get your teacups and take a new and fresh sip into your wardrobe!

1. Teacup Dress- Anthropologie $158
2. Handmade Teacup Skirt- Vigilante Labs' Shop on Etsy $54
3. Spoon and Cup Mismatch Earring Set- Hot Topic $8
4. English Rose Teacup Ring- My Sugarland35
5. Teacup Wallpaper- Anthropologie $88
6. Teacup Pin Cushion- Dottyral's Shop on Etsy $19

1 comment:

Dotty said...

What an adorable collection! Thanks so much for including my pincushion!

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