Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Asian Inspired Vintage

Sorry I've been MIA, I just moved and haven't been able to set up the Internet in my apartment. So, I decided to visit my sister (and photographer) to give you all what you've been missing this past week, fashion shows!

I bought this vintage dress at a trendy consignment shop over a year ago in Savannah, GA. I've been accessorizing it a bunch of different ways but I think today's is so far, my favorite.

I borrowed this adorable Asian-inspired tie from my sister and thought the colors and pattern would play together well with my dress.

Also, any excuse to wear my pin-up rosette stilletoes!

I loaded up on chunky, beaded necklaces to match the dot pattern on my dress as well as play up the vintage look.

I'm hoping to get my Internet up and running soon. I miss you guys and hope you'll take my load up of entries today as penance!

1 comment:

Lisa Fergus said...

What a great find! Love that dress!

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