Friday, May 1, 2009

Hippie Headwraps

Hippie headwraps have been emerging on the scene since early last year supported by celebrities such as Mischa Barton, Ashley Simpson, and (dare I even say it) Stephanie Pratt. While I do not flaunt this trend, due to the fact that it makes my ears stick out like dumbo, I have recently noticed that girls aren't necessarily wearing the traditional wrap with feathers and beads that you tie around your head, they have started wearing beautiful beaded and embroidered headwrap slightly tilted onto their foreheads. I even wore this on New Year's this past year!
This one is from Urban (of course!) Do I really shop there that much? Seriously!

So the question remains, do girls actually wear the ones that hang down in the back with feathers like the whole Pocahontas look? I have yet to have seen this. Perhaps it was just for the celebrities!

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