Monday, May 18, 2009

Orange, orange....nothing rhymes with orange

Lately I've noticed a culmination of orange accessories in my collection. Here are a couple of outfits showcasing these pieces.
Gap dress, Silence + Noise nautical cardigan, orange leather belt from the Gap, and David Aubrey necklace (close-up below).

My head got cut off in the first picture, yet this one is blurry. Together...they make the perfect photo.

Close up of necklace. I loved the mixture of orange, green, and bronze strands of beads. I also love the big, square-shaped charm with flowers carved in.

Check out my white-hot nails! And no, it's not white-out.

Totally loving my big, bombshell hair (how did that happen?) paired with my H&M watercolor, swirled dress, Gap striped and lace cardigan, and Erin Gallagher orange rosette necklace.

The little dots in the lace trim mimic the swirls and the stripes in the cardigan are a perfect contrast.

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