Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Search for the Comfortable Shoe

For past two months, I have been suffering through a knee injury called patellofemoral syndrome, or runner's knee. This has definitely put a damper on my training for the marathon this year as I am still doing physical therapy twice a week and had various other doctors and procedures done. Recently, I have gone to have a gait analysis, which is having yourself video-taped while running and then a therapist walks you through the different ways your joints move. She gave me a bunch of new exercises, in addition to the other 20 I do at physical therapy. I also went and saw a podiatrist and am getting orthodics made for my running shoes. So not only am I totally discouraged in my training and daily functions as I am no longer able to use running as my outlet for frustration, but I am also in the search for more comfortable shoes, yikes! I 've gone to a couple of shoe stores that are supposed to carry arch supportive shoes, but as I entered not one, but all of them, I found myself browsing the rows of shoes with a significantly older crowd. Also, very discouraging. I even tried looking online and failed to find anything remotely cute or affordable. What I have found is that Birkenstocks are incredibly comfortable but not really my style, until I went on their website and Zappos. Here are some pictures of my findings:

Even Birkenstock got on the graffiti trend!

These were kind of cute, in a Arizona brand kind of way.

Loved the braiding detail on these, though I'm not sure that the T-strap right for me.
I saved the best for last. These are absolutely adorable and I am seriously considering buying these. That have that gladiator effect and arch support to boot! Maybe there is a silver lining to this afterall!

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