Sunday, March 29, 2009

Into the Wild

Recently, animals have really infused themselves into accessories and jewelry in the forms of motifs and prints. We’ve strutted around wearing feathers in our hair, animal skins on our shoes and handbags, and embraced owls and peace dove motifs into our regular, everyday ensemble in apparel and jewelry. This season has really taken the animal influence to a whole new level including feathers (now on everything, even your shoes!), colored animal print, metallic washed animal skins, and charms in various motifs of woodland and sea creatures, as well as exotic and endangered wildlife animals. This trend is exciting but one can only wonder, why the emphasis on animals? Since this past election, our government has been concentrating on a greener environment including energy, manufacturing, and especially transportation. Even fashion has been more conscience of greener methods by using sustainable fibers and natural/organic cotton in the production of apparel. Designers are using recyclable materials such as metals in jewelry and less-harmful dyes used in fabrics and paint. Perhaps all of the animal influence is a message to consumers that it's not only cool to accessorize yourself with animal motifs and prints, but a covert symbol to entice consumers to think about what they are wearing and how it is affecting the world around each and every one of us.

Urban Outfitters snake watch
Feather earrings and Octopus ring from
Rainbow Zebra socks and Pink Zebra-Striped sunglasses from Hot Topic
Bo'em Jane feather sandals found on
Fendi Snakeskin Bag
Leopard and snakeskin prints are actually tights found on

1 comment:

carrie said...

love the feather earrings.
you're right, the peacock earrings are definitely ubiquitous.

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