Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring gets zippy

Earlier this season I had been noticing little zipper details. It started on sides/backs of skinny jeans, and seams of shoes, then moved to leggings and focal points of skirts. Now, zippers are even found to be accessories themselves, adding texture and shape to an otherwise plain piece. What is great about them is they are versatile. They can be very structured, creating clean lines as well as soft, creating organic and flowing shapes. I have included some of my favorite zipper items I've seen so far for the season:
Silence +Noise Dress. Image from http://urbanoutfitters.com
This dress is a bit scandalous. But, all the more fun. I love that you have the option to make it as little or revealing as possible.
Juicy Couture Denim Zipper Leggings. Image from http://shopbop.com
These denim leggings remind me of these jeans I had when I was a kid. My zipper was on the back of the leg and I had little denim bows, but nevertheless, these leggings are super cute! Also love the idea of denim leggings. It gives the same effect as skinny jeans yet are super stretchy and comfortable.
Lockheart Bag. Image from http://lockheart.com
I absolutely love this bag. It was featured in this month's Lucky Magazine. See how the structured zipper can create the soft shape of the rosette?
Phillip Lim Dress. Image from http://eLuxury.com
Lastly, my most favorite piece. This was featured in this month's Teen Vogue (you can tell I just got all my magazines this weekend). Again, the zipper detail creates this flowing, totally organic shape to the dress.

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