Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finally Part Deux

After two months of dating what I have come to find the perfect guy, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend last night. I was hoping he would have done it on Valentine's Day/my birthday, but I had to wait two more weeks to hear that wonderful question come out of his mouth. Totally worth the wait :) I had planned for us to go downtown and eat at Carnivale, a restaurant my sister and her husband rave about. It is a Latin fusion restaurant with amazing food, especially dessert! We were all dressed up and I wasn't even expecting he would ask me. I had thought about so much prior to this week and just decided to relax and know that eventually it would happen. We got our drinks and he proposed a toast. "To us, and these amazing past two months," he said. He told me that he has really enjoyed his time with me and felt comfortable with our relationship and where it was going. And then he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was amazing! Here are a couple pictures from the night, including food, him, and of course me!

Mmmm dessert.
Me and Chris. He was wearing these really cute menswear plaid pants. Should've taken a picture of them. I called them his Justin Timberlake pants.
New York & Co. cardigan, Bebe dress, Silence +Noise Snakeskin leggings, vintage sequin purse
Here's an extension of the above picture to see my shoes. Chris called them my dominatrix shoes. I guess that's sexy?
Purple socks and my new Vince Camuto shoes

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