Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekly Secret Weapon: Convertibility

You all know how I love to re-invent things and make the most out of an outfit. Well, today's Secret Weapon is just about this.

Found an amazing shirt while in Hong Kong and had to share it with you all. This is totally something you can re-create though if you don't happen to make it to the Hong Kong airport anytime soon.

The cool thing about this top is that there are buttons and button holes all along the seams so that you can create a bunch of different looks. I love the vest option, buttoning at the top and draping over my arms. You can also wear it as a poncho this way as well.

Some other options are a reverse poncho, buttoning in the back. You can also wrap around your neck like a scarf. So many options and possibilities.

Here is the top in a lay down shot. Buttons are on opposite sides as well as button holes. I think this is key in making all of the different looks as well. Hope you all enjoyed and are inspired to sew on some buttons and play around!

Top: Giordano's in Hong Kong
Tank: Express
Shorts: Express
Sandals: Claire's Accessories
Necklace: Etsy

1 comment:

Lisa Fergus said...

That's like the coolest top ever!!! So unique! xo

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