Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hit List: Sky's the Limit

Well fashionistas, it's definitely summer. You know what that means? Anything is possible. So why not dress for the occasion? I couldn't help but notice the adorable cloud and sun prints, along with rainbow accented stuff out there. My favorites are definitely the cloud print shorts and rainbow shoes from Modcloth, and the fabulous Kate Spade floppy hat. How unbelievably perfect for the occasion. Hello sunshine? Hello, summer!!

1. Cloud print shorts- Modcloth $42.99
2. Sunshine dress- Modcloth $123.99
3. Hello Sunshine Floppy- Kate Spade $95
4. Rainbow Handbag- Fossil $198
5. Rainbow Heels- Modcloth $174.99
6. Cloudy Umbrella- Urban Outfitters $38

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