Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Triple Threat

This week's Secret Weapon is about combining my strengths by using 3 of my signature looks for a triple threat: DIY necklaces, mixing prints, and fun and flirty socks. Like other DIY necklaces, I chose a multi-row neck with huge, chunky beads and finished it off with a sparkly pin to mix it up a bit.

I'm always partial to the mixing a matching of prints so today was no different. This time, I chose the same print, but in two different scales. I think it really gave the ensemble something fresh and new. It is subtle, but unexpected.

Lastly are the socks. Absolutely loving this trend and wearing them all the time. These are so freaking cute with the little stud and bow detail on the back. It's slightly sexy but in a flirty, not slutty way.

So, when all else fails, take out the big guns and wear it all for one fabulous ensemble!

Shirt: H&M
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt: Target
Socks: Claire's
Shoes: Steve Madded
Necklace: Vintage
Pin & Spoon Ring: a jewelry party my bff hosted


Natasha said...

This is such a cute look!! I love the super cute socks...and the skirt is amazing!

Melrose said...

OMG those socks are adorable! And your hair looks GORGEOUS in that first pic!

archives said...

those socks!!!! WOW! love them!

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