Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Layer it Up

Lots of layers today since it decided to slightly flurry and freeze the F up today in Chicago. Ugh, felt my first bone chill today....but I decided to bear the cold by layering it up!

Threw on some rocker blue eye shadow and lots of necklaces and a fun, fring-y scarf. It gave lots of texture and blended great with my necklaces.

The blue was my pop color with all the browns, definitely brightened up this frigged day!

Shirt: Boutique in Arizona
Cardigan: Silence and Noise from Urban Outfitters
Pants: Loft
Scarf: Claire's
Necklaces: Vintage
Cuff: Hippie Store in Savannah, GA
Ring: Claire's
Booties: Blowfish


ANNIE said...

this is really cute =)
i love your hair!

Lisa Fergus said...

super cute! Love the fringe and necklace combo with the blue top!

Playing Hooksies said...

Love all the fringes, lady! It's starting to get pretty freezing around my parts as well. Luckily, cold weather is my favorite!

New follower (:


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