Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Secret Weapon: Cinch, Sminch

What do you do when the trend is cinched waists and some of your cutest belts are too long? Re-create of course!

I picked one of my favorites, a studded hip belt, and decided to make it work for that hourglass shape. Luckily for me, this belt already had a little stretch in it so I could literally tie it, but if yours doesn't, then just loop the end around the belt to make a fun pretzel look!

So grab your belts, scarves, etc and don't be afraid to cinch in that beautiful waist of yours, even if you have to be a little more creative about it.

1 comment:

Lisa Fergus said...

okay, so I think what you're doing with that belt is great, but OMG do I LOVE that skirt!!! You need to start posting where your clothing items are from!!

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