Friday, October 29, 2010

Hit List: Velvet Party Things

While browsing the internet shopping mall this week, I found tons of velvet out there. But it wasn't just plain ol' velvet, everything had a little something to it. Whether it was stones or glitter, velvet bows and flowers, or made into something totally unexpected (the velvet flower ring), it all seemed very party girl and I knew it was a hit. My favorites include the ring from, sparkle shoes from Modcloth, and the dress from Topshop. I simply can't wait to go to some holiday parties now, how about you go get yourself invited to some fabulous parties so you can strut your velvet?!

1. Velvet Stripe Skirt- Modcloth $56.99
2. Velvet Sparkle Dress- Topshop 85
3. Velvet Bow Bag- Nine West $69
4. Feather and Bow Hat- Anthropologie $228
5. Velvet Sparkle Stiletto- Modcloth $122.99
6. Velvet Flower Ring- Ruche $16.99

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Velvet is such a luxurious material. I absolutely love it. :)

I have also been eying the mod cloth skirt for a long time now. But now that I have gone on a shopping ban I do not think it will be available by the time my ban ends. :)

Lovely collection.

From Toronto, Canada

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