Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily Fashion Show: Shopping Spree Style

Had a little pre-birthday shopping spree with my sister this weekend and seriously scored! I've never had so much luck in one trip, I think she was the charm! Decided to be cute and relaxed for the trip and HANDS-FREE! Yes, I wore a belt bag. And no, it's not a fanny pack, it's a belt bag!

It fit all my stuff perfectly and allowed me to carry more shopping bags, wee! Also busted out an oldie, my rhino necklace. Totally love him!

I also wore some super fuzzy socks with my boots. Kept me warm and cozy on my trip to the mall.

Don't know if I was her charm or she was mine, or maybe it was the rhino, but we had the best trip to the mall in awhile!

Dress: Ruche
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Belt Bag: Claire's
Boots: Famous Footwear
Socks: Claire's
Necklace: Vintage


Melrose said...

Your necklace is fabulous! I love all animal jewelry! ANd i love your re-naming of the "fanny-pack". it definitely deserved a more fitting name now that it's been more stylishly reinvented!

Crystal said...

It was a great shopping trip, you are so fun to shop with! You always help me find the best stuff. And you looked so cute doing it!

Lisa Fergus said...

Cute outfit! I really love the socks and boots! Hands down my favorite trend this season!

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