Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hit List: No Mustaches About It

I've been seeing the mustache come through lately as a motif and decided to explore my curly curiosity. Not only are they in apparel and jewelry, but also novelty gifts such as the bandages and window clings. I even saw pillowcases and snow globes, all growing out the curly looking thing. Why mustaches? Is fashion cycling back to the Western front? Would definitely explain the cowboy boots, hats, and buckles. And hey, we all like a little mystery, right?

1. Mustache Tee- Modcloth $24.99
2. Sesame Street Mustache Tee- Hot Topic $19-21
3. Acrylic Mustache Ring- Modcloth $37.99
4. Metal Mustache Ring- Hot Topic $10
5. Mustache Bandages- Urban Outfitters $ 7
6. Mustache Clings- Urban Outfitters $5

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