Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hit List: Feeling the Love

I'm feeling a lot of love in the air lately as several co-workers have brought in their newborns to work. Not only are the babies adorable and briefly light up the office with joy, but the mother's seem so content and happy with their newest additions to their lives. I was inspired by all of the love I've been seeing lately and decided to put together my very first hit list for you, love letter themed of course.

1. Amour Burnout Tee-Delia's $27
2. Word Search Tee- Delia's $25
3. Beso Earrings-Jennifer Meyer Jewelry $275
4. Kiss Me Quick Necklace-Top Shop $28
5. Love Letters Book- $22.99
6. Live Love Pillow-Anthropologie $68

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