Monday, April 20, 2009

Outfits of Last week

Haven't done an outfit blog in awhile...I was saving up some pictures over the past week. Enjoy!

I was inspired by Jane's blog and found the only seafoam green shirt I could find. Oh and of course Eleanor had to be in both shots!

Seafoam green Tunic from Forever 21, Navy and white pinstripe skirt from Khol's, grey tights from Target.

Love the lace detail with gold lurex thread to give it a little shine. Also, here's a closeup of my Erin Gallagher turquoise necklace.
My friend's a I joked this weekend about how my bracelet looked a tad phallic. I think it was supposed to be leaves. Anyway, vintage from my Grandma.
These little shoes I swiped from a vacation at Disney World in "Japan." Don't get to wear them very often since they are silk so I picked a sunny, slightly warm day.

Love this belt I found on eBay from a boutique in Australia called Harah Designs. There website has a lot of really cute summer dresses and accessories right now so check it out!
I love how each heart on this belt has a different finish and color. It makes it more fun to turn around in circles and uncover each heart individually. The next picture shows each heart in their glory!

I loved the nautical feel of this cardigan from Urban. Blue flowered shirt from Forever 21.
Additional zipper accessory found! Loved the sweet/edgy juxtaposition of the rosette. From Urban.
This necklace is so old but I love the detail of the girl peering into her mirror. Kind of speaks to how I feel at the end of the day...

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