Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Intro to my Style

Since my knee is totally f'd and I can't run, I've decided to focus on my blog for the next two weeks (and probably edit a couple of posts since I've just figured how I want things to look). I usually take a picture of my outfit everyday but have yet to post an outfit blog. Well, here it is. Enjoy!
Rosebud dress from Francesca's Collection, tunic from Urban Outfitters, grey tights, faux-leather boots, vintage belt and jewelry.

I love layering, especially when it comes to dresses. It's a great way to spice up something you wear all the time. Here, I layered with a tunic, but I have also experimented in layering skirts over dresses and slips under skirts and dresses. Here's a close-up of the jewelry, too cool to not mention.
This is one of my mom's old necklaces, it is a hologram of a Capricorn, which, I am not, she was. I added the bird charm...seemed to go well together.

Lux dress from Urban Outifitters, Delia's cardigan, grey tights

I love the structured color blocks sewn together against the vintage-inspired scrolls on the cardigan. I added a closer look at the button detail. Someone once joked and said it was a plethora of buttons. Well, it is, but it gives it a unique look, almost as if I had picked through the clearance at JoAnne Fabrics and sewed them on myself.

I've been asking my friends and family what my style. My sister says I'm trendy, yet innovative because I put things together that people normally wouldn't think of. I'd like to think that I'm eclectic and always striving to add vintage details. I strive to infuse my inherited accessories and jewelry into the trends. Below is a perfect example. Yes, this is an outfit I wore to work so it is a little more "professional" but hey, I tried.
Music note t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Express skirt, fuchsia knee-highs from Target, Steve Madden t-strap Mary Janes, vintage jewelry

Here is a close up of the necklace, another one I inherited from my grandmother.
I tried to mimic the shape of the music notes by pairing it with this necklace and to my surprise, the colors complimented each other quite well. Hope you all enjoyed the intro to my wardrobe, more to follow...

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