Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Color My World

One thing I am totally loving this season is color. Not only is it in clothing, but also in accessories and cosmetics. There seem to be little touches everywhere. Couture designers and even retailers such as Target are carrying assortments of bright, neon colors. Some, are even adding graffiti prints to give it an extra 80's kick. In the March issue of Teen Vogue, they featured an entire neon editorial featuring Stephen Sprouse's collection for Louis Vuitton. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Images from

I have a couple of bright pieces in my closet...
H&M colorblock shirt, American Rag skinny jeans, suede booties, vintage jewelry...and my dog Eleanor

I've been wearing a lot of knee-high and ankle socks in bright colors with open-toed shoes lately.

Purple socks from Target, Charlotte Russe
Leopard slingbacks. Hot pink socks for For Love, black peep-toe heels from Target.

I also love the injection of bright colors into nail polish and cosmetics.
Sally Hansen nail polish in Lightning, Makeup Forever eyeshadow from Sephora

Did I mention I have a ton of nail polish? I think that's every color...

Needless to say, I am embracing this trend. So I say hello to my fellow fashionistas and beloved inspirational designers, color my world!

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