Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Style Part Deux

Here's another outfit blog today. I went shopping on Sunday so here's a couple of new things!
Gap long-sleeve tee, Express skirt, Marc by Marc necklace

Close up of the hand-painted glass beads and my lemon-lime colored nails. The nailpolish name was WICKED Fun. I thought it was appropriate.

Gap dress, Old Navy pointelle cardigan, olive tights, Blowfish booties, Bebe butterfly headband

Here's a close-up of the headband. I got so many compliments at work when I wore it. It's funny because it is from Bebe, which, is not a store I typically shop at. The skeezy Europeans that work at mine kind of keep me outta there. But, I had this gift card from 2 years ago that I've been slowly chipping away at and finally finished it up with the headband. Yay!

Forever 21 sweater, Delia's lace cardigan, Gap pants, vintage tapestry belt

Here's a close-up of the belt. Another piece inherited from Grandmother...gosh, she had good taste!
I got this necklace on the street in SoHo in New York. The writing on it is in another language. Lord knows what it says, but I love it because it mixes enamel, stone, glass beads, fimo, and chains. Go mixed media!
Someone at work today passed me in the hallway and said, "hey trendy." Hell yea.

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