Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hit List: Tea Party

I was inspired browsing the Internet today by none other than my old American Girl doll, Samantha Parkington. She was seriously the perfect doll for me, vintage, loves pink and flowers, and grew up in the coolest era, the 20's. Once I settled on this, I found so many beautiful pieces out there that were simply perfect. My favorites include the apron from Anthropologie and the dress and shoes from Modcloth. Hope you all like tea, cause your invited to my party this week!

1. Pink Layer Dress- Modcloth $79.99
2. Baking Apron- Anthropologie $32
3. Velvet Floral Shoes- Modcloth $97.99
4. Lace Gloves- Modcloth $19.99
5. Teapot- Ruche $31.99
6. Tea Party Invites- Pinkcreativeinvites on $5


K*Rock said...

what a cute post idea! love that dress!

Julia R. Carnes said...

I love the pink layer dress and the lace gloves are so stunning. It will be an outstanding outfit. All of the accessories are really so fashionable and have high qualities. I love fashionable dresses like these and my tartan mini skirt

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