Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Secret Weapon: Get In Touch With Your Wild Side

I realize it's been two weeks since I've done a Secret Weapon, but hey, I was just saving it for this amazing post! Haha...anyway, this week, I want to focus on getting in touch with your wild side. Animal print never goes out of style, especially if it's leopard or zebra. And, I have 1 more amazing find from Hong Kong to show, perfect for the occasion.

Critters have been taking over fashion by storm this year getting themselves into our cold weather hats, gloves, and even scarves. But now, they are even invading our clothing in the cutest way. This hoodie I found in Hong Kong has it all: ears, pom poms, bows, soft leopard plush, and even a tail!

One of the things I love about it most is that it's unique and can't be found anywhere around here, at least for the next 6-12 months!

Here's a great view of my ears and bow and of course, my tail!

So don't be afraid to get in touch with your wild side fashionistas, because animal is not going anywhere.

Hoodie: Hong Kong
Tank: J. Crew
Leggings: Francesca's Collection
Boots: Claire's Accessories
Jewelry: Vintage

1 comment:

Lisa Fergus said...

This hoodie is out of control cute! I can't believe it has a tail!!! skinny are you?! lol you look amazing!

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