Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Horsies on Tuesday

My outfit today is all about mixing and matching. Whether it is materials, fabrications, or just an overall attitude, I felt the urge to mix it up today.

Bought this skirt awhile ago from Urban and haven't managed to blog about it until now. I absolutely fell in love with the horse motif. It is so kitchy, yet chic. I paired it with a soft, fleece-like lace trimmed top (also from Urban) and gray tights from Target.

The pyramid-studded headband gave this outfit an edge.

Also displaying a few Christmas gifts, new nailpolish: Jade, by Chanel and Fossil watch. I love the hard plastic band against the shiny rhinestoned face.

Last mix: my background. Like the two-toned effect of my bedroom? It's a baby pink girly and hot pink punk.

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